Nebraska Child Support Website

New Hire Reporting
Federal and State law requires employers to report newly hired and re-hired employees in Nebraska to the Nebraska State Directory of New Hires. This site will provide you with information about reporting new hires including reporting online and other reporting options!

Nebraska Child Support Payment Center
As part of the federal Welfare Reform Act of 1996, the State of Nebraska is now required to establish one location where all child support payments would be received. The State Treasurer has been designated as the state agency to receive all child support payments. The Child Support Enforcement Office of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for determining the amount to be paid to the custodial parent according to the new federal laws. This site will provide you with information about where to send your child support payments.

Voice Response Unit
The Voice Response Unit (VRU) was developed for customer service regarding your child support case. The VRU is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system will play back payment information, which includes last payment amount, last payment date, disbursement date, balance due amount including interest for every judgment ordered.

For location information regarding child support offices in Nebraska:

For information regarding Nebraska Child Support Rules and Regulations:

Child Support Guidelines (PDF)
The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines are developed by the Nebraska Supreme Court. They are reviewed for needed changes every four years.  The main principle behind the guidelines is to recognize the equal duty of both parents to contribute to the support of their children in proportion to their respective incomes. This site will provide you with more information regarding how to calculate your child support amount using the guideline worksheets.

Omaha Healthy Start-Fathers for a Lifetime
Fathers for a Lifetime is an Omaha Healthy Start Initiative created to promote the need for responsible fathering, provide fathers with education and training, link fathers with community-based resources and provide fathers with the opportunities to positively interact with their children.

Chicano Awareness Center
The Chicano Awareness Center is a United Way of the Midlands Agency and affiliated with the National Council of La Raza. Their mission is to provide self-sufficiency and self-determination to Heartland Latino families and their community by providing bilingual, social, educational, economic, public health and advocacy services.

Volunteer Lawyers Project
The Volunteer Lawyers Project is a State-wide volunteer legal services project and referral network founded by the Nebraska bar Association. The Volunteer Lawyers Project seeks to match people who have civil legal problems with attorneys who are willing to provide legal assistance on a pro bono, reduced fee, contingency fee, or full fee basis. Providing pro bono or reduced-fee legal services to those low-income people who need legal assistance is the primary goal of the Program. Any individual with a civil legal problem may apply for assistance from the Volunteer Lawyers Project

Legal Aid of Nebraska
Legal Aid of Nebraska offers legal assistance to low income persons and works with other community providers to remove the barriers that may prevent people from participating in programs designed to assist them.

Creighton Law Clinic
The Civil Law Clinic offers free legal assistance on civil matters to low-income residents of Douglas County, Nebraska.

Nebraska Workforce Development
Nebraska Workforce Development provides the framework for a system that focuses on meeting the needs of businesses for skilled workers; and the training, education and employment needs of individuals. Services provided include vocational guidance, job seeking skills workshops, typing and data entry tests along with internet and computer resources.

Answers 4 Families
The Answers4Families project (Nebraska Network for Children and Families) provides information, education, and support to Nebraskans with special needs by providing Internet resources and e-mail discussion groups.

The NRRS is a statewide database created with input from Nebraska families, service providers and organizations. The database was designed as a comprehensive Internet resource that would be user friendly and easily accessible to individuals and families needing services across the state. The NRRS provides 1-800 numbers as well as web sites and email contacts to help you connect faster to the services you are seeking.

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