Child Support Services is interested in knowing how we are doing. Please complete the following questions and e-mail them to us at:

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** NOTE: You can complete this form in Word, save it to your computer, and attach it to an E-mail. Or feel free to type the answers directly into your E-mail. **

Survey Questions:

  1. Have you ever called us to obtain information about your child support case? If so, was the information you received accurate?
  2. Have you ever visited our office? If so, did you schedule an appointment?
  3. If you have had prior contact with Child Support Services, were you treated in a professional and courteous manner by our staff?
  4. Was our staff informative and efficient in serving you?
  5. Were you told when to expect the next action?
  6. What would you like added to our web-page?
  7. How did you hear about Child Support Services?
  8. What brought you to this web-page?


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